Digitize Your Business - European Funds

Digitize your business - European Funds and Internationalization

The Recovery and Resilience Plan (PRR) and the Internationalize Program 2030, both for Portugal, currently have two lines opened for financing - at 50% - of projects in the area of ​​digitalization and online presence of companies, with a focus on the Internationalization of SMEs, namely websites and digital advertising.

PRR opened in early October and closes now at the end of December. Internationalize Program 2030 ended its first phase in October this year, and a new phase is expected to open very soon, until the end of the year, so it is recommended that the preparation of applications begins so that the projects are ready to be submitted.

Internacionalização das PME, Projectos Conjuntos
(Aviso 04/SI/2022 - Aberto até 30/12/2022)

Internacionalização via E-Commerce
(Aviso 08/C16-i02/2022 - Aguarda nova Abertura)

Bondhabits is used to developing and implementing this type of projects, either outlining the needs that make sense for the real competitiveness of companies and which can be supported, or creating the necessary documentation for the realization of applications, or working with consultants who develop and submit them, being remunerated only in the case of approval of the financial support.

Online Presence

These initiatives cover very specific situations such as the development of websites and online stores, capable of presenting the company and its product portfolio, allowing for the easy creation of information request forms.

Digitize your business - European Funds and Internationalization

It is also worth considering forms for creating profiles for professionals, approved in the Back Office, and which then give access to product catalogs as privileged information when browsing the site - while logged in. All this associated with ordering systems with a cart, but which only trigger information requests with the collection of contacts, sent to e-mail and defined and stored in the backoffice.

Digitize your business - European Funds and Internationalization

These solutions can also include combinatorial simulation areas, with various navigation flows that accelerate the decision process of potential customers. This may even include the creation of virtual 3D stands for browsing and information consultation. These can also be present at fairs, as well as touchscreen panels for presence at the fair itself and that use the website's backoffice with another type of presentation.

Digitize your business - European Funds and Internationalization

Digital Marketing

In addition to website development, it is important to ensure search engine optimization (Search Engine Optimization - SEO), to increase organic traffic, as well as international Google Adds campaigns, to increase leads and website visits, with segmentation target audience, aimed at attracting professionals.

Digitize your business - European Funds and Internationalization

The promotion of social networks, with a focus on professionals (and of course Linkedin, so little explored among us, but not only), is also supported by the funds and that have proven results, when made using marketing intelligence tools and associated with experience and creativity.

All these dimensions can and should be carried out in several languages ​​in order to broaden potential customers, increasing export markets and export capacity.

If everything you have just read makes sense to you, we also suggest that you read HERE “10 Tips to Boost Your B2B Digital Presence”, based on practical cases that we have developed, in areas as diverse as furniture and lamps, uniforms and wines (among many others in our portfolio).

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