10 Tips to Boost your B2B Digital Presence

10 Tips to Boost Your B2B Digital Presence

Having an engaging website, with good interface, easy to navigate, that generates quality leads may bring great opportunities for your business. Not having a digital presence or having an outdated website or a bad website navigation may cause frustration to your visitors, and consequently losing potential clients for the competition.

Having an engaging website, with good interface, easy to navigate, that generates quality leads may bring great opportunities for your business. Not having a digital presence or having an outdated website or a bad website navigation may cause frustration to your visitors, and consequently losing potential clients for the competition.

The internet makes a company's potential market literally global. Any final customer or professional can use a search engine for what he is looking for and find it available anywhere on the planet. We can easily consult information, download catalogs, request privileged access to certain data, and develop contacts, either in writing or even by setting up a videoconference. This also makes competition global.

1. Multilingual

When the ambition is global presence then having a multilingual website is a must. Considerably increasing performance in search engines is, of course, one of the important advantages of having the website in other languages. Having a distinctive url on each page, texts and meta tags in the proper language, significantly increases the search ranking that a website can aspire to.

10 Tips to Boost Your B2B Digital Presence

2. Responsive

Statistics show that today more than 60% of traffic is done by cell phone. It has become commonplace to be in a conversation or to remember some subject and, in an almost spontaneous gesture, search on the cell phone for information about the topic. It is also common to be on the cell phone browsing multiple social networks, from Facebook to Linkedin, and follow a link.

This means taking particular care in how menus, submenus and list filters, appear and are accessed, having a back office and layouts that take into account that the desktop favors horizontal images and mobile versions, vertical images and videos.

Take particular care in predicting how features and animations that on the desktop are activated by mouse over will behave on mobile, as well as other features. A common example is the unintuitive way forms and download processes are managed, with the respective feedback that the action was or was not successful.

10 Tips to Boost Your B2B Digital Presence

3. Optimized for search engines

We have already talked about the importance of having multiple languages to improve search engine results. But this is a subject that deserves not only an insight by itself but even entire books and training. We leave you with an enumeration of simple ideas that should be taken into account from the very first moment, such as the careful structuring of pages, with titles, subtitles, and properly categorized content and always present metatags. 

Some issues have to do with programming or, at least, making available means in the back office to edit them, such as the url of each page, for each language and the metatags and information about the images. The weight of the homepage is also very critical, with Google heavily punishing sites that take a long time to be accessed, especially on cell phones. Including the XML map, having canonical tags, having their own meta descriptions and avoiding repetition are also details to pay attention to. Others have to do with the creation of content and its structure.

10 Tips to Boost Your B2B Digital Presence

4. Login giving access to reserved information

A website aimed at professionals must balance the communication of a differentiated positioning with the provision of information that is accurate, easy to consult, and able to clarify key questions and counter potential objections from a potential client or partner. This often means providing detailed technical information readable on desktop as well as on mobile.

Professional customers can thus receive an email with a password, manageable by back office to the content manager. There may also be forms on the website itself, in wich a visitor can request a privileged access that will then be approved. With this login, the logged-in visitor can see different information on each page from the one visible to the general public. He can even have access to entire areas forbidden to others, as well as personal areas to edit profiles and access history.

10 Tips to Boost Your B2B Digital Presence

5. Information request form

Requests for information can be simple, based on a form, but you can also use a shopping cart that lists what you want, adding quantities, selecting variants and, at the end, making a request for information including, if necessary, comments.

These requests can range from simple solutions in which only the items and quantities are collected, to more complex implementations that can include quantity discount calculations and, if integrated with internal systems, information about stock and delivery date forecasts.

10 Tips to Boost Your B2B Digital Presence

6. Order customization

Especially in the professional field, requests can acquire a certain complexity. They can be the result of a combination of variants, as well as the result of sequential decision processes in which the choice of one variant restricts the selection of related variants.

The development of interfaces as well as multi-step navigation flows can considerably ease the decision process, even allowing the preview of the final solution according to pre-established combinations.

10 Tips to Boost Your B2B Digital Presence

7. Contextual call to action

One of the important things to keep in mind when designing a website with the goal of not only informing, but also generating leads is to intelligently plant call to action buttons throughout the site. Whenever a product or opportunity is presented, the existence of a simple and quick way to request information in a form, speeds up the processes and helps, internally, to direct the subsequent contact according to the area of the site where the request for information was made.

This can also include its own messengers that allow an immediate information request and dialogue with an assistant. These solutions do not necessarily require the existence of a permanent contact person and can have automatic responses indicating office hours and asking for a contact so that a reply can be given as soon as possible.

Also, integration with online call scheduling or video conferencing software, such as calendly, can speed up the decision processes. These solutions are quite simple, needing only to provide fixed slots, which conveys the feeling of a busy team, but always available to support the customers.

10 Tips to Boost Your B2B Digital Presence

8. Landing pages and A/B testing for campaigns

Google Ads and other social media campaigns are most effective when the landing page is designed according to the specific value proposition or terms being purchased. It is not very effective to attract visits to the homepage, which is necessarily general. In this sense, the website can allow the creation of specific campaigns, without requiring the intervention of developers for each version. These pages should present the specific proposal that is being treated in the campaign and include a call-to-action right away, including forms with information requests that, only after reviewed by the content manager, allow the download of catalogs, papers or trigger a contact.

These pages can even allow you to have two or more alternative versions of the same campaign (A/B testing), so you can measure which ones work better and make changes that seem more effective. A proper integration with Google Analytics then allows monitoring the results, accelerating the learning curve and allowing for greater effectiveness with less investment.

10 Tips to Boost Your B2B Digital Presence

9. 3D Virtual Stands

The website can also be the place to host a 3D virtual stand that allows a differentiated presence on the internet. Many international fairs sometimes offer as an extra, the modeling of these stands, allowing the inclusion of products and access to contextualized information. This modeling can always be done with specialized companies, which already includes the modeling for the metaverse.

3D modeling, as well as augmented reality solutions, can be very attractive, especially in industries where the visualization of the product in 3D, from various angles and even traveling through paths, creates a differentiated and captivating experience, provided it is properly implemented.

10 Tips to Boost Your B2B Digital Presence

10. Website version for fairs and events - digital cards and touch screen

The website can also serve as a basis for the development of solutions adapted to touch screens for presence at a fair. Today there are many solutions for rent with screens of various sizes that can significantly increase the number of useful contacts at a fair. Using the information already inserted in the back office, it is possible to have, with relative ease, versions adapted to TV or other type screens and that, by themselves, are an attraction, besides being useful.

Another simple and effective solution is to use the website to have digital cards, which are easily shared in a hyperlink, containing contacts, links to social networks and an easy way to download a vcf card that can be saved immediately on the cell phone or email program.

10 Tips to Boost Your B2B Digital Presence


These are just a few tips on what should and can be considered when developing a website for professionals with the intention of boosting internationalization, optimizing the results in search engines, enhancing lead generation, and supporting the relationship with customers.

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