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Private Area for Validated Partners: Boosting Collaboration

Agendas Powered by Partners: Implement a Private Area for Validated Partners.

The creation of a cultural agenda always faces the challenge of keeping the content updated without a disproportionate effort. That's why we developed the "Private Area for Validated Partners" feature, a fundamental step towards efficient event management.

This technical innovation not only optimises the event submission workflow, but also reinforces each partner's control and privacy mechanisms. Let's explore how a Private Area reshapes the collaborative landscape and propels partnerships to new heights.

Event Management

This initiative is based on optimising event management workflows. By creating a secure portal, trusted partners get exclusive access to an environment tailored to their needs. This not only simplifies the event creation process, but also increases efficiency through a centralised platform.

Áreas Privadas

User Validation

Within the platform, profile creation not only ensures the authenticity of users, but also simplifies the identification of areas of collaboration, facilitating more meaningful and productive partnerships. In addition to protecting confidential information, these mechanisms establish an important level of trust necessary for collaborative efforts.

Áreas Privadas

Maximum Autonomy

In the Private Area, the autonomy of partners is enhanced by the CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) model, which offers a wide range of actions. Users not only create and send events on their own, they also have the ability to manage, personalise, edit, and highlight their contributions. Let's look at each operation separately.


Partners have the freedom to create events autonomously, providing essential information to enrich the collaboration platform.

Áreas Privadas


Fast event submission and approval process. The ability to access and view past events or profile information gives partners a complete overview of their contributions and collaboration environment.


Autonomy extends to ongoing customization, allowing partners to edit details, update information, and adapt their contributions as needed.

Áreas Privadas


The power to actively manage your interactions includes the option to delete events or adjust information, ensuring flexible and dynamic management of your presence on the platform.


Establishing a Private Area for Validated Partners is not just a technical enhancement, but a strategic step toward a new era of collaboration. By providing partners with a safe and autonomous space to create events, companies can unlock the full potential of their partnerships.

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