Projectos de Arquitetura

Architecture projects

From concepts to websites, our projects tell the architecture stories of Atelier Sérgio Rebelo, TAEP, FAHR and MASS Lab.

Each website we've created is special and unique. It's not just a digital gallery that only showcases the designs but also conveys the unique stories, philosophies, and craftsmanship behind these studios.

Atelier Sérgio Rebelo

Atelier Sérgio Rebelo develops solutions that are directed to the end-user experience and follows sustainable models of construction and production. Based in Porto-Portugal, the Atelier collaborates with other experts and consultants, both locally and internationally. The creative process is dialogical with the client, and intertwines research, design and architecture. Atelier SR aims to contribute to the process of place-making while paying homage to memory and history. The experimentation with materials in architecture translates a deep appreciation for heritage and craftsmanship. Therefore, the integration of tradition with innovation fosters environments where daily routines become sensorial ventures.


TAEP/AAP is a multidisciplinary award-winning architecture and engineering practice based in Kuwait, Portugal and France with a combined experience of over 55+ years.

Capitalizing on multidisciplinary and multicultural research, design and technical teams, TAEP/AAP evolves the possible interventions available within contemporary territorial contexts. The burgeoning practice brings together manifold teams and individuals to innovatively collaborate on multi-scalar programs and projects.

FAHR 021.3

Founded in 2012, FAHR 021.3® is an internationally awarded creative and experimental studio, which (un)focuses its work between Art and Architecture.

Deriving from the German word Erfahrung (experience), FAHR 021.3 stands up as a lab studio developing conceptual strategies on the brink of unexpected, contradiction and decontextualisation. The restlessness and the constant desire to seek new solutions, give rise to a variety of performances differing on manifesto, temporary, scale and materials.

The studio has been distinguished nationally and internationally for a set of projects that are characterized by their formal and provocative approach such as Hairchitecture (PT), São João Structure (PT), Metamorfose (PT), Eclipse (PT), Nappe (TW) and Nook (TW).


MASS lab is a progressive and contemporary awarded design studio, engaged in the fields of architecture, landscape architecture, urban design, and comprehensive planning. The Oporto-based studio was founded in 2014 and is owned and operated by 3 partners: Diogo Rocha, Duarte Fontes, and Lourenço Rodrigues. The supporting multidisciplinary design team spans seven nationalities and features a fertile mix of professional and educational backgrounds. The core team is complemented by a strong and growing network of collaborators across Europe.

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