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The real food guide for the family. The app that helps you learn about foods, recipes, techniques for introducing food and much more.

Comida de bebé


After the great success of the Comida de Bebé blog, Bondhabits has joined Carolina's project and launched an APP that promises to make everyday life easier for families. This application allows you to manage the diet of the entire household by creating personalised weekly menus and automatically creating shopping lists.

Comida de bebé


To provide a comprehensive app that offers menu planning, shopping lists, food tracking, recipes, and educational resources to support parents in achieving the goal of simplifying child nutrition and making everyday life easier.

Defining the flow

A critical step in our process, allowing us to visualize and iterate on ideas before moving on to the finer details of design and development.

Comida de bebé

UI components

The UI elements of the app are both colourful and simple, it reflects the brand's identity and resonates with its target audience. The use of colours adds an element of warmth and liveliness to the simplicity, creating an engaging and visually appealing experience for users.

Comida de bebé
Comida de bebé
Comida de bebé

Quality and Feedback in Action

At the core of our approach is a rapid response to feedback from our clients, which allows us to continuously enhance our application and provide an even better user experience.

Comida de bebé

Summing it up

Comida de Bebé is a comprehensive app designed to simplify child nutrition and make daily life easier for families. It offers menu planning, shopping lists, food tracking, recipes, and educational resources, all wrapped in a colourful and engaging user interface. Our focus on responding quickly to feedback is also a core part of our work, ensuring that the user experience constantly improves and makes it an indispensable nutrition guide for families.

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