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The latest app for the Nos Alive festival is now available, with a new look and full of features!


With so many great concerts every day, you need to plan ahead. Explore the programme, show times and stages, add to favourites and receive alerts.

NOS Alive App
NOS Alive App


There are many well-known artists, but there is also a lot to discover. Find out more about the artists in the programme by listening to their music and watching their videos. There's also an area with playlists so you can discover all the artists.

3D Map 

To find your way around the festival area, use our interactive 3D map. Easily locate stages, food stalls, toilets and other essential facilities to enhance your overall experience.

NOS Alive App

City Break

Explore the vibrant city of Lisbon. The app provides recommendations of must-see places.

NOS Alive App
NOS Alive App

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