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Welcome to the future of art exhibition experiences.

Our innovative app, designed for the exhibition "The Dynamic Eye" from the Tate Modern collection, redefines the way visitors engage with art and explore the exhibition space. With a strong focus on accessibility, interactivity, and user-friendly features, our app provides a seamless and enriching journey through the world of art.

The dynamic eye

Defining the flow

The Dynamic Eye App is designed with a seamless flow and intuitive structure. Navigating the app parallels the curated journey of the exhibition itself, offering users an immersive experience. The app's architecture prioritizes user engagement, allowing visitors to delve into the intersection of mathematics, technology, and art with ease. Ensuring a smooth and enjoyable user experience is paramount, as it not only enhances comprehension of the exhibited works but also reinforces the overall mission of enriching cultural engagement through innovative technology.

The dynamic eye

Summing it up

Collaborated with Atkinson Museum and Tate we developed the app "The Dynamic Eye" for the WOW Cultural District exhibition at Atkinson Museum in Porto. Our focus was on elevating the visitor experience, aligning with Tate's dedication to artistic exploration. The app enhances engagement with the exhibition's theme, offering an interactive journey through the transformative art of the 1950s and 1960s, where mathematics and technology converge. This partnership exemplifies Bondhabits' commitment to leveraging technology for a more immersive and innovative cultural experience.

The dynamic eye
The dynamic eye

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