2.4 Email marketing

Email Marketing

News of the death of email marketing have been grossly exaggerated. Used judiciously, this is an excellent tool for building loyalty and recurring traffic.

Email Marketing

Establish a long-term relationship with your subscribers

Many have predicted the end of e-mail marketing, and yet it is here, strong and recommended. 

When used wisely, it can keep a loyal audience waiting for the next news. Anyone who subscribes to a newsletter or leaves a contact does so because they have an interest in what the organization has to say and offer.

Keeping a customer is incomparably less expensive than getting new ones, so having permanent communication channels with your customers and fans is a great investment of effort and time.

However, e-mail marketing must know how to balance contact with useful information and communication for commercial purposes, in order to avoid abandonment by its subscribers.

Automation, using several CRM tools (for customer relationship management) allows you to manage almost individually the type of message to be sent according to predetermined behaviour patterns, in a mix of process standardization and message personalization.

Mailing Lists

The collection of contact lists, properly categorized, qualified and segmented, is a task that must be carried out seriously and in a medium and long term perspective, avoiding the temptation to buy mailing lists.


If you use designers to make a brochure or a landing page, why leave it to the product manager to do the design of an email and newsletter as well as the copy. Emails are also a business card and deserve a professional and careful treatment.


Automation allows you to create an automated email flow according to the user's stage of involvement with the organization, from lead status to conversion, and then to maintenance, loyalty, and even win-back.

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Email marketing

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2.4 Email marketing

Creating content, from posts to video to augmented reality, that attracts and maintains organic traffic

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Create traffic to your website that generates quality leads with minimal investment.

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Run campaigns on Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin and use advanced retargeting techniques.

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E-marketing is an excellent tool for building loyalty and recurring traffic.

Email Marketing
2.4 Email marketing

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2.4 Email marketing