Google ads campaign

Google Ads Campaign

Create traffic to your website that generates quality leads with minimal investment. Optimize campaigns with advanced keyword analysis, rich snippets and retargeting.

Google Ads Campaign

Increase visits and sales with Google Ads

Both small and large events or businesses can benefit from Google Ads campaigns, both Google Adwords (now Ads only) and Google Display ads.

Achieve a prominent presence in Google results for search terms. Present yourself with rich snippets (special formatting that can include images, rating, special information, page structure, etc.) and stand out from the competition.

Display Ads campaigns also allow you to display banners in gmail as well as on affiliate sites, which can range from large newspapers to specialized blogs. Targeting audiences well allows you, for example, to appear in the Guardian newspaper to a British tourist who is considering visiting your city or who is already walking down your street, as well as to someone who is at the same trade show or conference. 

Also implementing tags on various pages and buttons on your site enables retargeting campaigns that increase the effectiveness of your campaigns.

It is recommended, however, that these campaigns do not direct visitors to a generic homepage but to landing pages that are specifically designed to lead to action, either by leaving contacts, making an appointment, or even making a purchase.

Increase Visits

Show up prominently to those who search for the terms you selected. Monitor the results and don't waste money on visitors who came by mistake. Create quality traffic and optimize your message and landing page according to the moment in your visitor's decision phase.

Increase sales

Highlight your products and services in search results with special rich snippets formatting. Speed up the decision process. Use retargeting, showing different ads according to past interaction with your site.

Internationalize your business

Google Ads allows you to view the planet as your potential market. Tailor your targeting and content according to languages and direct them to pages on your site with localized content, both in the proposal and in certain layout issues.

ROI orientation

Return on investment is what measures the success of a campaign. Create special landing pages as a destination, do A/B tests, always monitor and optimize the quality of the list of terms and the banners. Optimize contacts according to the moment in the decision process.

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Google ads campaign

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Create traffic to your website that generates quality leads with minimal investment.

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Google ads campaign

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Google ads campaign