SEO Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Get ranked high in Google searches with advanced SEO techniques and strategies. Attract traffic that really matters and lead your visitors to the desired action.

Search Engine Optimization

Appear at the top of the search results

Optimizing a website for search engines is an art made from the combination of numerous components that must work in harmony to ensure the most prominent places in search results.

What determines the relevance that Google gives to a site results from numerous parameters, and to get the best places, you have to pay attention to each one of them.

Google is permanently searching the web and categorizing the pages it finds. For this they take into account meta tags, but also semantic analysis, both of the text and, increasingly, of the images themselves. 

But that's not all. Increasingly, Google takes into account loading speed as well as the time each visitor takes on the site, the number of pages he visits and the number of interactions he carries out. 

Together with the number of links from other websites as well as from your own outward linking, these are all factors that have to be analyzed and optimized, page by page, by someone with experience, to achieve the best results.

Meta tags

HTML code has a series of flags, called meta tags, where you place information relevant to search engines. Knowing what to put there and how to apply it is half the battle.


Knowing how to structure and develop content so that a search engine clearly "understands" what is being presented, significantly increases the likelihood that Google will consider that content as relevant to those searching for a particular term.


Google has been increasing the weight given to the performance of a site, especially on mobile. There are concerns to have, but also programming tricks that can be implemented to improve the evaluation that the algorithm gives to our pages...


Equally important is the actual relevance of a site, measured by the number of links it points to you, the time each visitor stays there as well as the pages they visit and the interactions they perform.

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Get ranked high in Google searches with advanced SEO techniques and strategies.

Search Engine Optimization
SEO Optimization

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SEO Optimization

Creating content, from posts to video to augmented reality, that attracts and maintains organic traffic

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SEO Optimization