What is Phygital Marketing?


Phygital marketing, also known as "hybrid marketing," combines the physical and digital worlds to create a more immersive and personalised customer experience.

The goal of a phygital marketing strategy is to bridge the online and offline worlds, creating a seamless and cohesive brand experience for customers. By using both physical and digital touchpoints, companies can reach their audience in a variety of ways and provide a more personalized and engaging experience.

Some Examples

An example of an application using phygital marketing would be an application that combines traditional city guide features, such as maps and suggested routes, with modern technologies such as augmented reality and geolocation. For example, the application might use augmented reality to overlay historical information or virtual tours onto a user's real-time camera view as they explore the city. The app might also use geolocation to personalize recommendations and send notifications based on their current location and interests.

Another example of a phygital marketing strategy is that of a museum guide app that uses augmented reality to complement the museum view, or else virtual reality to allow users to take virtual tours of the exhibits from the comfort of their own home. The application can also use gamification to make the virtual tour more interactive and engaging. For example, the app can include challenges or quizzes related to the exhibits, and reward users with virtual badges or other incentives for completing them.

Some more futuristic examples of phygital marketing include a retail store that offers virtual try-on technology for customers to see how clothes look on them without physically trying them on, and a restaurant that uses QR codes on its menu to provide customers with virtual cooking demonstrations or recipe videos.

There are numerous benefits to implementing a phygital marketing strategy. It allows for greater customer engagement, better service, and the ability to collect valuable data about visitor behaviors and preferences. It can also help businesses stay ahead of the curve and adapt to the ever-evolving digital landscape.

In summary

A phygital marketing strategy is a powerful way for businesses to create a more immersive and personalized customer experience by combining traditional and modern marketing tactics. By leveraging both physical and digital touchpoints, businesses can reach their audiences in a variety of ways and be more competitive in the digital age.

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